Which Do We Prefer

by Buster


If we are to be a farmer, we only want to be part of those who are taking care of the environment and we opt to choose organic fertiliser for our farming. However, choosing organic in this synthetic world can invite a lot of arguments.


Many people refuse the idea of using organic because they said that they had already moved on from being too old fashioned. They think it is time to choose something that can help us save time and energy because synthetic fertilizers can help us a lot with that. Many had immersed themselves into debate of which fertilizers should be best used, either the chemical or the organic. There is no better way to discuss that but to ask our plants which they would prefer and we know that we cannot get an answer.


Experts like to believe that whichever we would use, our plants would still have received the same amount of nutrients. Still, there would be significant differences when it comes to long term effects. It is best to know what would be the long term effects from each kind of fertilizer we would use. This could give us much chance to weigh out our chances. 


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